'Understanding Your HOA The Easy Way'© is the perfect Farming, Closing and Open House gift.  Anyone living in an HOA will use and keep it.  Your picture and contact information on the DVD cover makes you their Realtor® of Choice.  

Most buyers do not understand what they are getting into when they purchase property in a Homeowners Association (HOA).  Up to 90% will not read their documents or attend an HOA meeting. Help them avoid problems while reminding them to call you for their next transaction.  Some benefits of 'Understanding Your HOA The Easy Way'©

  • 15-Minutes total viewing time

  • Spanish Second Audio + Subtitles in 7 languages on DVD

  • Perfect Farming, Closing and Open House gift

  • Your picture and contact information on DVD front cover

  • 15-minute DVD orientation to HOA living everyone needs

  • Enhances Disclosure of HOA living issues

  • Helps protect your Buyer from typical HOA problems

  • Explains HOA responsibilities and benefits in just 15-minutes total viewing time

  • Covers single-family PUDs, Condos and Developer's role in new HOAs

Rise above the competition by providing HOA information customers and prospects need. By exceeding expectations you will be their Realtor® of choice.

'Understanding Your HOA The Easy Way'© DVD includes Spanish Second Audio and Subtitles in English, Spanish, Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese, Russian and Armenian.