You don’t close Buyers without a final walk through of their home. Why close Buyers without this consistent, proven 15-minute walk-through of their HOA?

"If you came from Mars and never heard of HOAs in just 15 minutes viewing time you'd understand and be ready to live in one!"

Spanish Second Audio + Subtitles in 7 languages on DVD

Up to 90% of people buying a home in an HOA do not read the governing documents or attend the business meetings of the Board of Directors. They do not know what they are getting into when they move into an HOA governed community.  They do not understand the purpose, operation and limitations of the HOA and how it affects them; likely result - unhappy homeowners!  

Providing the governing documents of the HOA upon close of escrow with a few comments, often inaccurate, from sales people and others adds to the confusion.  Get ahead of these problems today!

Benefits of the 15-minute program 'Understanding Your HOA The Easy Way'©

  • 15-Minutes total viewing time

  • Spanish Second Audio + Subtitles in 7 languages on DVD

  • Higher Buyer Satisfaction

  • Perfect for Sales Office/Classroom use - automatic re-play of 15-minute DVD

  • Enhances Disclosure of HOA Living, Benefits and Responsibilities

  • Consistent, HOA Orientation for every Buyer - creates informed expectations

  • Highlights your Company’s positive role and contributions to the HOA

  • Cautions against using litigation to resolve Buyer vs. Home Builder disputes

  • Takes pressure off Sales, Customer Service and others to explain HOA Rules and Procedures - tell Buyers "Watch the DVD"

  • Promotes Compliance with Community Rules

  • Promotes Community Spirit, Involvement & Satisfaction

  • Defines HOA vs. Developer issues

Your company name, logo, and home photos can be included on DVD cover sheet 

'Understanding Your HOA The Easy Way'© is the easy way to increase Buyer Satisfaction and reduce HOA issues

'Understanding Your HOA The Easy Way'© DVD includes Spanish Second Audio and Subtitles in English, Spanish, Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese, Russian and Armenian.   

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