Mr. Schantz's testimony in court has directly led to jury verdict in his clients favor. His clients have included residents of an East Los Angeles government sponsored housing community in dispute with an abusive Board of Directors to aviation pioneer and World War II hero General Chuck Yeager.  

Alan's ability to win the hearts and minds of a jury is proven.  One Attorney called after a jury trial verdict and said,                                                                                                          "Alan we won and it was because of your testimony.  The jury told me your testimony made the difference.  They gave our clients all they wanted."

Alan Schantz is recognized for outstanding communication and issue resolution skills and known nationwide as the creator of 'Understanding Your HOA The Easy Way©' the only 15-minute Homeowners Association (HOA) orientation DVD with Spanish Second Audio and Subtitles in 7 languages.

An HOA Management Company owner commented, "Alan communicates as easily with the roofing crew as the Company President". 

Alan Schantz is retained by execution of his Engagement and Retainer letter and receipt of his initial retainer fee.  The Engagement and Retainer letter is available upon request for matters where he is available for engagement.  Please review his CV on this site prior to contacting us.

Mr. Schantz can testify for HOA Members, Boards of Directors, Community Management Companies, Homebuilders and Developers on actions, compliance, enforcement, governance, best practices and virtually any issue concerning Community Homeowner Associations and Common Interest Developments. 

Experience & achievements as Director of HOAs for Pardee Homes, largest Division of Weyerhaeuser Real Estate Companies:

  • Team member in development of communities in 7 Pardee Homes regions throughout Southern California and the greater Las Vegas area on all aspects of planning, construction and operation through transition to homeowner control.

  • Raised awareness and sensitivity of development team members to HOA issues and best practices to reduce builder-HOA conflicts and litigation.  Impressed fiduciary duty to HOA upon developer appointed HOA directors.

  • Developer appointed Board President of dozens of HOAs in California and Nevada.

  • Appointed, trained and advised homeowner directors and committee members including fiduciary duty to HOA and membership.

  • Organized and hosted a major awards event for Pardee Homes HOA directors of Las Vegas communities that received praise and front page coverage in the Las Vegas Review Journal.

  • Through proactive communication and relationships I averted potential litigation of HOA issues.  There was no HOA litigation by communities under my supervision.

  • Supported development and sales teams in seven Pardee Homes development regions in California and Nevada.

  • Identified facilities and landscape issues from initial planning to build out with potential for conflict with HOA boards and residents and developed appropriate solutions with team members.

  • Worked closely with homeowner board members and homeowners to address their concerns during construction, community growth and after transition of the HOA to homeowner control.

  • Resolved the gamut of individual homeowner issues with the HOA, the builder & community management companies.

  • Participated in development of CC&Rs, Architectural Standards, Property Disclosure Documents and HOA budgets.  Contracted with Community Association management companies and other vendors.

  • Initial Chairman of Architectural Committee for all new communities.  Reviewed thousands of Homeowner Architectural Requests for Improvement and approved, rejected or suggested modifications to meet approval.

  • Resolved disputes related to Architectural Violations and failure to submit plans and/or obtain approval prior to construction of improvements.  Transitioned Architectural Committees to Homeowner control.

  • Managed proper completion and turnover of HOA facilities and common areas including remediation of construction issues that could result in litigation against the Developer.

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