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"If you came from Mars and never heard of HOAs in just 15 minutes viewing time you'd understand and be ready to live in one!"

Up to 90% of homeowners do not read their HOA documents or attend Board meetings. Lack of Awareness and Understanding makes your job of Governing the Association more difficult.  All Members need an HOA Orientation in a format they will use.  

Some benefits of 'Understanding Your HOA The Easy Way'©

  • 15-Minutes total viewing time

  • Spanish Second Audio + Subtitles in 7 languages on DVD

  • Available in DVD or Digital Download format

  • Aware, Informed and Involved Members

  • Smoother Board Meetings

  • Increased Community Manager Effectiveness

  • Better Compliance with Community Rules

  • Awareness of Architectural Requirements and Procedures

  • Member Understanding of the role of Directors vs. Community Manager

  • Member Awareness of the Purpose and Limits of the Association

  • Member Involvement in Committees and Board Elections

  • Promotes Community Spirit and Participation

Use 'Understanding Your HOA The Easy Way'© as a compliance tool.  For a rule violation waive the fine if the Member pays for the DVD and watches it. They will be more aware and likely to stay in compliance.

Program cost for new members can be reimbursed to the HOA in the transfer or set up fee at time of property closing.  Provide 'Understanding Your HOA The Easy Way'© to current Members as an education budget item.  Inform your Membership with the 15-minute program they will use and learn from.

'Understanding Your HOA The Easy Way'© DVD includes Spanish Second Audio and Subtitles in English, Spanish, Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese, Russian and Armenian. 

805 552.0966 office   -   928 899.8681  mobile -   hoadvdceo@gmail.com