Every project has major challenges and surprises

  • Land acquisition & Entitlements

  • Home design & Construction

  • Site preparation & Infrastructure

  • Sales & Marketing

  • Customer service and more

Then there's the Homeowner's Association

  • Setting up the HOA & appointing a Board of Directors

  • Hiring an HOA Management company

  • Establishing rules & regulations + enforcement policies & procedures

  • Bringing homeowners onto the HOA Board

  • Maintaining Developer-HOA relations

  • Turning over HOA Common Areas & Amenities

  • Tactfully resolving issues & conflicts.

  • The totally unexpected event

Developer-HOA relations continue beyond build-out.  Successfully managed relations make the HOA an ally, not an enemy.  The alternative is a neighborhood government with an us vs. them attitude that can lead to litigation.

Senior Management, Division leadership & Development Team members are aware of HOAs but hope to hear little from them.  HOAs are an example of prevention being better than a 10 alarm response.  

You need every ounce of prevention you can get. Alan Schantz needs to be on your team. Here's why:

  • From building community to conflict resolution & more Alan brings experience and skills that contribute to success

  • Uniquely qualified to resolve issues, build trust, enhance best practices & improve the process and results

  • 10 years Director of Community Associations for Pardee Homes Southern California & Nevada - largest company of 5 Weyerhaeuser Real Estate Corporation companies

  • High level member of Development Teams in 7 Development Regions

  • 10 years with no HOA litigation vs. Pardee Homes in Alan's 7 Development Regions

  • Expert Witness - winning jury verdict for clients on Alan's courtroom testimony

  • Creator of 'Understanding Your HOA The Easy Way©'  the only 15-minute HOA orientation & education DVD with Spanish Second Audio + Subtitles in 7 languages with proven success country-wide

  • Multi-year President of his HOA

  • See Alan's CV on the 'Expert Witness' page

Winning outcomes via the 'third-party effect' are proven.  

Positive HOA relations are a key to Buyer satisfaction.  

Alan Schantz will contribute to your success!

  • Review, advise & assist with HOA procedures and process

  • Keep Division & Senior Management aware of critical HOA issues

  • Create a 'We're all on the same community team' atmosphere with company staff, HOA Directors and homeowners

  • Collaborate with Development Teams on HOA amenities from planning through build-out to resolve & avoid existing & future conflict issues

  • Collaborate & coordinate with Community Managers

  • Advise & assist in turnover of HOA Common Areas & Amenities

  • Advise & assist in cooperative resolution of Developer-HOA issues

  • Participate in Annual HOA Membership Meetings & events

  • Advise, train & support company staff serving as HOA Directors

  • Collaborate with tract salespeople on HOA awareness and communication

  • Participate in HOA Board Business meetings

  • Enhance Developer-HOA Relations through build-out & beyond

See Alan Schantz CV on the 'Expert Witness' page

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