Mr. Schantz's testimony in court has directly led to jury verdict in his clients favor. His clients have included residents of an East Los Angeles government sponsored housing community in dispute with an abusive Board of Directors to aviation pioneer and World War II hero General Chuck Yeager.  

Alan's ability to win the hearts and minds of a jury are proven.  One Attorney called after a jury trial verdict and said, "Alan we won and it was because of your testimony.  The jury told me your testimony made the difference.  They gave our clients all they wanted."

Alan Schantz is recognized for outstanding communication and issue resolution skills and known nationwide as the creator of 'Understanding Your HOA The Easy Way©' the only 15-minute Community Association (HOA) orientation DVD with Spanish Second Audio and Subtitles in 7 languages.  

Contact Mr. Schantz when you need a highly qualified Expert Witness on your team.  We will discuss your case schedule and his availability.  The sooner you contact us the more likely he may be available.

Alan Schantz is retained by execution of his Engagement and Retainer letter and receipt of his initial retainer fee.  The Engagement and Retainer letter is available upon request for matters where he is available for engagement.  Please review his CV on this site prior to contacting us.

Mr. Schantz can testify for HOA Members, Boards of Directors, Community Management Companies, Homebuilders and Developers on actions, compliance, enforcement, governance, best practices and virtually any issue concerning Community Homeowner Associations and Common Interest Developments.  Mr. Schantz has skills, will travel!

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